Arizona--the Grand Canyon State. The 48th State admitted to the Union, Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912. The contrast and diversity of Arizona includes the lore of the Old West and the dynamic zest of the New West. A varied climate and easy access to many attractions make Arizona an ideal vacation spot. Ancient Indian ruins and desert oases are within minutes from most cities.

For RVers there is a great diversity of camping facilities available. Luxurious 5-star RVresorts, to dry camping in the forest or desert.. The BLM and national forest permit camping in most of their land and most have developed campgrounds. The BLM and forest may have some restriction because of fire hazards or protection of the environment so inquire before camping. Some BLM areas charge a small fee to dry camp. If you desire to stay in the more popular and luxurious RV parks reservations are usually necessary especially in peak season.

The "land of room and time enough", our state has elevations of 12,670 feet in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff and points where the Colorado River drops to 70 feet above sea level in the southwestern desert area. With 113,909 square miles, Arizona ranks 6th in size, larger than New England, Delaware and Pennsylvania combined.

With an annual average of 222 clear days, plus 35 partly cloudy ones, visitors can make plans that include outdoor activities with confidence. Our low relative humidity causes us to boast on the hottest days that it's a "dry heat." Even days with temperatures over 100 degrees feel relatively comfortable due to the low humidity and the cooling breezes.

Informal attire is accepted nearly everywhere here and casual clothing is encouraged at most establishments. In the summer months, shorts are worn day and night. There are a few restaurants and resorts that require more formal attire--so plan to take dressier clothing if you are going out for a special evening.

Shopping is a popular pastime here. All larger cities have modern shopping centers, specialty shops, and craft stores. There are Indian Reservation trading posts available selling Indian crafts including Kachina dolls, basketry, leather goods, jewelry, weavings, paintings and pottery. Mexican products are readily available due to the proximity of Mexico.

You may want to include the following areas if you are planning on doing some touring while you're here:

The Grand Canyon NP* Tucson
Sedona Phoenix
Apache Trail Navajo Indian Reservation
Montezuma's Castle AZ* Canyon De Chelly AZ*
Petrified Forrest NP* Tombstone
Jerome Lake Powell

* NM = National Monument NP = National Park

While you are here in Arizona, please feel free to attend one of our chapter campouts or meal meetings. Please contact the club via the email links provided on the Arizona Chapter or "Meal Meetings pages for information or reservations.

Updated: 10/29/2012